AC & USB-A Power Outlet 2011

IFPL designed the combination Universal Remote Power Outlet 2011 to deliver high power USB-A 2.0 (2A, 5V DC) and 110V AC power, enabling passengers to use and charge their own 110V electronic devices, e.g. laptops and DSLR cameras, smart phones and tablets. The 110V AC Universal Power Outlet is designed to accept a broad range […]

USB-A 3.0 1342

Delivering high-speed data and power in one robust unit to enhance customer experience, whilst providing industry leading reliability was IFPL’s core focus when designing this latest unit in our industry leading USB range. Research confirms that both portable and wearable devices will become widespread to the point of saturation over the coming years. Airline passengers […]

NFC Payment Terminal

IFPL designed the Near Field Communication (NFC) Payment Terminal to address the complex and highly regulated problem of providing onboard off-line unattended Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant NFC payments at the passenger’s seat. In addition, the unit delivers the opportunity for airlines to significantly enhance passenger personalisation, customer service and loyalty resulting in increased revenues for […]

USB-A 2.0 1281

IFPL has designed the 1281 with customer experience and reliability at its core. The 1281 provides both power and data in a single unit; ensuring passengers can charge their Portable Electronic Devices (PED) while interfacing with an In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) system. In terms of data transfer, the 1281 acts as a data interface to USB-A […]

Passenger Control Unit 1278

IFPL has designed the 1278 as a programmable Passenger Control Unit (PCU) to enable it to be used for a broad range of cabin requirements. The 1278 provides a common look and feel that passengers can easily identify and feel confident interacting with. The two-button programmable switch can support a myriad of functions. This USB […]

HDMI 1242

IFPL’s HDMI compatible unit enables passengers using their Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs) to access and view their media through the IFE screen. The unit provides high quality audio and interface between the IFE systems and the passenger’s own device. Delivering a robust and reliable HDMI compatible unit is essential to ensure ongoing high levels of customer […]