AC & USB-A Power Outlet 2011

AC power and reversible USB connectivity in one unit

 Customer Satisfaction

  • All power needs in one unit
  • USB has bi-directional insertion; whichever way round the passenger tries to insert their USB connector, they will always get it right
  • High-power USB up to 2.1A at 5V DC
  • Universal AC plug interface designed to accept a broad range of worldwide consumer AC plugs
  • Soft light guide for easy insertion

Airline Proposition

  • A single universal plug design to the needs of passengers in one unit, removing complexity and number of units onboard
  • Significantly minimises risk of Customer Induced Damage (CID) delivering lower on-wing maintenance costs
  • • Safe power by mitigating risks of foreign object insertion
  •  Bi-directional USB is tested to over 60,000 insertions without failure - 10 times industry standard for a USB-A 2.0 connector
  • Easy on-wing replacement

IFPL designed the combination Universal Remote Power Outlet 2011 to deliver high power USB-A 2.0 (2A, 5V DC) and 110V AC power, enabling passengers to use and charge their own 110V electronic devices, e.g. laptops and DSLR cameras, smart phones and tablets.

The 110V AC Universal Power Outlet is designed to accept a broad range of worldwide consumer AC plugs in one single unit, removing complexity and the number of onboard power sockets required. The 110V AC outlet includes a number of key safety features:

• Safety interlocks that prevent single entry (objects) being inserted into either the live or neutral contacts and only allow power to be delivered if pins are inserted evenly (i.e. a plug)

• A green LED illuminates to indicate AC power is available. The LED will appear red if power is unavailable.

The USB-A 2.0 outlet provides power at 2.1A (max) at 5V DC, enabling charging of Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs) including, but not limited to, Apple (all three tiers), all Android and Windows devices, in addition to supporting BC 1.2 and Chinese Telecommunications Industry Standard YD/T 1591-2009.

A key differentiator of the 2011 USB is its bi-directional insertion, which means that whichever way round the passenger tries to insert their USB connector they will always get it right. This feature significantly helps to minimise Customer Induced Damage (CID) which can be costly for any airline. To this end, the USB design has been tested to 60,000 insertions/extractions, more than 10 times the industry standard, delivering yet another cost benefit compared to a traditional unit. In the unlikely event of the unit requiring replacement, the 2011 has been designed for simple, rapid on-wing replacement and is cost neutral compared with traditional technologies.

In addition, the unit includes our soft light guide technology which enables the passenger to easily find and insert their plug into the unit and minimise the risk of damage.

UK Patent Number : 2 501 464.

Patents granted/pending: EP2754208,  GB2501454,  US20150288089, US15/353 215, GB2531963