Corporate Responsibility

IFPL has always taken an active role in supporting our local community and international projects. It is integral to our business and reflects a strong tradition of building good relationships with our clients, employees, suppliers and wider society. It also reflects our values and those of our industry and the clients we serve.

We recognise the importance of approaching our responsibilities in a co-ordinated and committed fashion and use our resources to support a broad range of organisations and charities.

As you would expect at IFPL our corporate and social responsibility starts at the top, with our founder and CEO Geoff Underwood. Geoff has driven our ethical conduct and responsible business practices since the company was founded back in 1996. His roles as President of the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of the Isle of Wight Technology Group bear testimony to this commitment.

As a company and as individuals we operate in an environmentally conscious manner; minimising the impact of our business activity on the environment, wherever possible. This includes extensive recycling programmes and the installation of solar panels at our award winning facility on the Isle of Wight – directly reducing our carbon footprint and impact on the environment.


IFPL’s Charitable Commitments

IFPL support a range of charities and causes both locally and nationally including: