Experience design and technology innovation from IFPL at APEX 2018

September 24, 2018

IFPL is leading the industry with its fresh approach to peripheral integration, with design and
technology innovation that can be applied to new or as an update to existing seats.

IFPL has supplied over 2.5m innovative products to date, one of the latest is an integrated
USB-A. It has been seamlessly integrated into the Mirus Hawk seat arm whilst leveraging KID
Systeme’s power supply.

IFPL will be demonstrating its innovative seat back Portable Electronic Device (PED)
mount concept. It has been designed to maintain eye level regardless of the PEDs size and
delivers minimal spatial intrusion compared to traditional fold out PED holders, giving a greater
sense of overall space and improving the customer experience. This design allows the
optional inductive charging coil to be located in the centre of the PED mount maximising
the probability that the PED will cover the inductive coil. A combination USB-A and C outlet
is neatly integrated into the PED mount.

Experience the IFPL designed range of smart tray and seat options. The Passenger Control
Unit (PCU) is in a unique aesthetically stylish gloss finish with a capacitive touch call bell and
reading light. The PCU has been designed into the seat to ensure the functions are
ergonomically placed at the passenger’s fingertips preventing them from having to search for
the functionality in awkward locations.

IFPL provide world leading seamless seat integration, whilst maintaining a consistent design
language and aesthetic, ensuring the ergonomics deliver a truly enhanced passenger
experience. This advancement enables reduced complexity, weight and cost of integration,
therefore delivering a competitive advantage to an airline.

IFPL’s established range of IFEC products and solutions will be on display and an expert team
will be on hand to discuss your requirements on booth #707 at APEX 2018.

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