World leaders in audio products demonstrating latest products at APEX 2018

September 11, 2018

IFPL will be demonstrating the latest audio products at APEX Boston in addition to a broad range of products that are currently flying on many aircraft around the world. IFPL has supplied more than 2.5m units in a 22 year history.

IFPL is a world leader in audio jack technology, enhancing the customer experience and providing a competitive total cost of ownership to the airline. The audio jack is a critical component in the IFE system. Delivery of high quality sound, with high unit reliability whilst mitigating Customer Induced Damage (CID) is vital in maintaining customer satisfaction. To this end, IFPL has developed proprietary technology that differentiates it’s audio products from others in the market.

Innovative products from IFPL that will be displayed at APEX 2018 include:

IFPL’s original Long Life Audio product line delivers a highly robust and reliable audio jack designed to minimise CID. The design, high quality materials used and testing to over 100,000 insertions ensure that these jacks are robust.

The latest innovation is an integrated audio and Bluetooth jack. This is an upgrade to existing IFE systems to allow passengers to easily pair and connect their own Bluetooth headphones, thereby further personalising and enhancing the customer experience.

Rapid Fit technology delivers a solution for rapid on-wing maintenance. Rapid Fit has been designed with a replaceable cassette that house the jacks, whilst keeping the high-cost electronics in the main housing. Rather than replacing the whole jack in the event of failure, the lower cost cassette can simply swapped out on-wing, typically in less than 30 seconds.

Integrated Noise Cancelling Audio Module (INCAM) technology allows noise cancelling in the jack rather than the headset, enabling all passengers to enjoy noise cancelling technology with the simple addition of a low-cost microphone in the headset. This keeps the headset cost low whilst providing a significantly enhanced audio experience for the passenger.

IFPL’s patented MagSignal technology virtually eliminates CID. A headset can be pulled from any angle without damaging the jack or the headset. This extends the life of the headset and the jack and avoids CID. Magnets ensure a reliable connection so that a signal is maintained at all times during turbulence and vibration. This technology has been tested to over 250,000 attachments and detachments.

Push Through Pin ensures the jack does not have to be replaced if a headset pin gets broken in the jack. The pin can simply be pushed through and collected in a reservoir at the back of the jack.

IFPL’s established range of audio products and solutions will be on display and the team from IFPL will be on hand to discuss any requirement that visitors to APEX 2018 may have. Visit IFPL at Booth #707.

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