Overview of IFPL’s Audio Technology

IFPL are a world leader in audio jack technology enhancing the customer experience and providing a total cost of ownership advantage to the airline. The audio jack is a critical component of any IFE system and IFPL believes that delivering high quality sound, with high unit reliability, and minimising the impact of Customer Induced Damage (CID) is vital in maintaining customer satisfaction and an advantageous total cost of ownership. To this end, IFPL has developed proprietary technology that differentiates our audio solutions in the market. These include:


MagSignal technology virtually eliminates CID. The headset can be pulled from any angle and simply detaches from the magnetic plug without damaging the jack or the headset. This extends the life of the headset and the jack and avoids customer-induced damage. The floating magnets ensure a signal in maintained at all times during turbulence and vibration.

Long Life

IFPL Long Life technology is aimed at delivering a highly robust and reliable audio jack and to minimise customer-induced damage. The high quality materials and design ensures that these jacks are robust and have been tested to over 100,000 insertions. IFPL use this Long Life technology for single, double and triple jacks. Additionally, IFPL’s design ensures that each pin socket can work as  single pins ensuring additional redundancy in the dual and triple pin solutions.

Push Through Pin

IFPL’s ‘Push Through Pin’ technology ensures the jack does not have to be replaced if a pin gets broken in the jack. The pin be simply pushed through and collected in a reservoir at the back of the jack.  This reservoir has been known to hold as many as 12 broken pins.


IFPL’s Integrated Noise Cancelling Audio Module (INCAM) technology allows noise cancelling in the jack rather than the headset, allowing all passengers to enjoy noise cancelling technology with a simple addition of a low cost microphone in the headset. This keeps the headset cost low whilst providing a significantly enhanced audio experience for the passenger.

Self Testing Technology

IFPL has designed their self-testing technology to enable problem jacks to be identified and fixed rapidly ensuring high availability. The clever design of the jack is that the LED is powered by the audio, making this a suitable jack for retrofit as no extra power is needed. All the maintenance staff have to do is send a high frequency audio tone through the existing IFE system, then walk through the cabin and check the jacks at a glance.


IFPL’s BITE (Built-In Test Equipment) technology enables the jack to provide the IFE system with a view on it’s status and report any issues it may have.  This enables the maintenance crew to rapidly identify and fix any issues that exist. Additionally, if the aircraft is connected and the IFE systems is capable, it would be able to report any issues in real-time ensuring an engineer can be at the right place with the right part at the right time. In addition, the customer service team or cabin can follow up with the passenger and if possible, allow them to move seat.

Rapid Fit

IFPL’s Rapid Fit technology delivers a solution to allow rapid on wing maintenance. The unit has been designed with a replaceable cassette, which house the jacks whilst keeping the electronics in the main housing. This enables the lower cost part of the cassette to be simply swapped out on-wing. It is designed to be quick and easy to replace in the event of damage. The removable cassette is retained by a single ‘hex’ screw, which is easily accessible eliminating the need to remove the whole module from the seat in the event of CID. The cassette can typically be replaced in less than 30 seconds. Typically rapid fit is not included with the long-life range due to the reliability of these units.