Dual Breakaway 1327

Solve the problem of broken headphone sockets

Customer Satisfaction

  • Easy insertion with the reassuring tactility of IFPL’s MagSignal* technology
  • MagSignal Breakaway plug easily detaches without damaging the headset or jack
  • Compatible with airline standard and leading passenger carry on headsets
  • Robust and reliable design, ensuring high availability and minimising CID

Airline Proposition

  • Cost neutral compared to traditional sockets and headsets
  • Incorporating IFPL’s Long Life jack technology, tested to over 100,000 insertions
  • Dual redundancy as the unit provides two push through single stereo sockets
  • Designed for easy on-wing replacement
  • Utilises IFPL’s unique MagSignal technology to reduce CID

Customer experience has been at the forefront of the 1327’s design from the very first stages of development. IFPL has conducted tests on industry standard audio jacks and headsets and found that in a single case study 10% of these have damage, the evidence of which has been reinforced by maintenance organisations suggesting they replace the entire ship-set as frequently as every 14-16 months.

IFPL’s 1327 jack and supporting 1330 headset connector incorporates our innovative MagSignal* technology; allowing the headset cable to be pulled from any angle without damaging the socket, jack or headset cable. This extends the life of the headset and jack, reducing Customer Induced Damage (CID). The floating magnets ensure the signal is maintained at all times during turbulence and vibration. The 1327 design virtually eliminates the issue of broken sockets and damage to headset cables whilst ensuring continuity of signal and the reassuring tactility that is only available through IFPL’s Breakaway MagSignal jack.

The Dual Breakaway is designed to be cost neutral and deliver higher reliability when compared with traditional headset and plug technologies, this multipurpose unit accepts not only IFPL’s 1330 Breakaway connector but also other industry standard connectors including: ARINC A1, B1, A2 and B2 headsets.

Delivering a robust and reliable headset socket is essential to ensuring ongoing customer satisfaction. The 1327 has been designed with dual redundancy by incorporating two Long Life single pin stereo sockets, each capable of working standalone and tested to over 100,000 insertions. Adding to this, IFPL’s ‘push through pin’ design allows broken pins to simply be ejected should a broken pin become lodged in the socket through CID.

The 1327 is designed with materials proven in service to provide durable and cost effective lifetime use. In the unlikely event of the unit requiring replacement, the 1327 has been designed for simple on-wing swap-out.

*Patents pending, UK patent application no. 1602135.4, and US patent application no. 15/016,483.

Patents pending: US15/016 483, GB1602135.4, GB2533258, WO2016/038399