Dual Long Life 1129

Solve the problem of broken headphone plugs

Customer Satisfaction

  • Accepts airlines' A1/A2 and  the passengers' own headsets.
  • High quality audio enhancing the overall customer experience
  • Reassuring insertion and extraction force

Airline Proposition

  • High reliability delivering an industry leading total cost of ownership
  • 'Push through pin' technology minimising impact of broken off pins
  • Tested to over 100,000 insertions
  • Insertion and extraction force designed to minimise headset damage

The 1129 Dual Long Life Audio Jack for airlines’ A1, A2 and passengers’ own headsets includes IFPL’s Long Life and ‘push through pin’ technologies delivering industry leading reliability whilst minimising the impact of Customer Induced Damage (CID) from snapped off pins. The 1129 has been designed with dual redundancy by incorporating two Long Life single pin stereo sockets, so if one socket becomes unusable, a standard A1 or passengenger headset can be used in the remaining socket. The quality materials used in the construction of the jack and robust design ensure high quality sound within a highly robust and reliable audio jack (100,000 insertions). This minimises on-wing replacement costs and ensures high levels of unit availability to ensure customer satisfaction.

IFPL’s ‘push through pin’ technology means the jack does not have to be replaced if a pin is broken off in the jack. The design ensures that when a headset pin has been snapped off it is simply pushed through and collected in the reservoir at the back of the jack. This housing has been known to hold as many as 12 broken pins minimising on-wing costs. The unit has been designed with an optimal insertion and retention force to minimise the risk of the headset cables being damaged when pulled.

The 1129 has been proven in service with many airlines throughout the world due to its high reliability, providing exceptionally low total cost of ownership.