Dual Noise Cancelling 1067

All the audio, none of the noise

Customer Satisfaction

  • Provides a more relaxing in-flight experience
  • Our INCAM technology reduces unwanted background noise
  • Compatible with airline standard and leading passenger carry on headsets

Airline Proposition

  • INCAM technology designed to minimise airline headset costs
  • Cassette module design enables 30-second on-wing replacement
  • Accepts ARINC standard D1/D2 and A1/A2 headsets
  • Passengers arrive more rested and relaxed

Customer experience, cost effectiveness, reliability and maintainability have been at the forefront of the 1067’s design from the very first stages of development. Integrated Noise Cancelling Audio Module (INCAM) technology has taken the costly and complex electronics out of the headset and placed them in a jack module and if required, can be replaced quickly and easily.

Increasing customer satisfaction is at the heart of IFPL’s INCAM. Specifically designed to minimise cabin background noise it ensures passengers arrive in a more relaxed and rested state, having experienced clarity of sound from their In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) system. Whilst some passengers may use their own noise-cancelling headphones, IFPL’s INCAM jack ensures this experience can be made available across the entire aircraft for all passengers to enjoy due to its low cost.

IFPL has purposefully placed the INCAM’s innovative noise cancellation electronics in the jack module itself and not the headset. Therefore, the headsets only require microphones in the ear cups to pick up the ambient noise. This results in lower cost noise cancelling headsets for airlines.

The 1067 family accepts industry standard connectors ARINC D1/D2 noise cancelling headsets. The 1067 design ensures that on-wing maintenance and Customer Induced Damage (CID) costs are kept to a minimum as the jack module houses a removable dual pin INCAM Rapid Fit cassette. This removable cassette houses the pin sockets and all components normally exchanged during maintenance. The removable cassette is retained by a single ‘hex’ screw that is easily accessible, eliminating the need to remove the whole module from the seat in the event of CID. The cassette can typically be replaced in less than 30 seconds.