Dual Rapid Fit 1064 (12V NC)

For a quick fit in 30 seconds

Customer Satisfaction

  • High availability to ensure passengers are able to access IFE system
  • Passengers can use their own headset
  • High quality audio
  • Supports noise cancelling headsets

Airline Proposition

  • Rapid on-wing replacement
  • Minimises support costs
  • Low cost replacement cassettes
  • Easy retrofit
  • Provides 12V in support for powered noise cancelling headsets

High availability with minimum cost was the focus when designing the 1064. The 1064 Dual Rapid Fit Audio Jack has been designed with a simple replacement cassette that houses the pins and electronics making them easy to replace in the event of failure due to damage or breakage. The removable cassette is replaceable by simply undoing one ‘hex’ screw, eliminating the need to remove the whole module from the seat. This ensures that the replacement cassette can be changed during the aircraft turn-around allowing the next passenger access to their In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) system. The cassette can typically be replaced in less than 30 seconds.

The 1064 jack fits a standard ARINC oval cut out making this an easy retrofit and an upgrade option, and provides an excellent opportunity to replace old pneumatic transducers by a simple one for one swap-out. The 1064 Dual Rapid Fit is compatible with A1 and C1 headsets. The subtle difference of the 1064 is that it is designed with a 12V output to support powered noise cancelling headsets.