IFPL Design Services Overview

IFPL is a world-class manufacturer and leading product design company.  We are renowned for bringing new and innovative ideas into our product range. In addition to developing our own products, we work with customers to turn their ideas into reality.

Our dedicated technology centre facilitates the progression from idea to certified part in the shortest possible time, enabling customers to gain first mover advantage. Typical services offered to our customers include:

Initial Consultation

We use our extensive knowledge, experience and understanding to establish how to make solutions work within the highly regulated and demanding commercial aircraft cabin environment. We establish all aspects of the needs of our customers; from the experience itself though to technical and commercial goals.

This process includes exploring the design interface, ergonomics, reliability, manufacturability and practicality of each individual requirement.

If you wish to turn your ideas into reality, IFPL would be delighted to help you along this journey.

Design Concepts

Following the initial consultation, IFPL typically provide a variety of sketches, drawings or renders that help customers to visualise their ideas. We then discuss the preliminary design and look at ways to improve it to meet their needs.

As one would expect, our product design and engineering team is made up of multi-disciplined, industry-experienced degree level professionals.

Pre-production Prototypes

Once we have finalised design concepts, IFPL rapidly turns these into physical pre-production prototypes, utilising our in-house facilities which include 3D printing. This capability reduces the time to bring products to market, reduces risk and improves understanding. These prototypes facilitate detailed evaluation and where applicable allow customers to conduct market research and gain feedback.

Production Design 

Finally, prototypes are industrialised into production ready parts. IFPL conducts a comprehensive test programme to ensure that the design meets specifications and regulatory standards.

IFPL has its own EMC RF test chamber, EMI testing, environmental effects chamber, fail safe and reliability testing facilities.


IFPL recognises that quality accreditation and compliance forms the foundation of our business success.  We ensure that quality is an integral part of our company culture, engaging employees to continually improve systems and products to the benefit of our customers.

IFPL’s leadership team ensure that all activities are carried out in accordance with our Quality Management System, the European Aviation Safety Agency requirements of EASA Part 21G and the International Aerospace Standard AS9100C.


From finalised design and pre-certification we use our end-to-end manufacturing capability to produce and dispatch our parts. We take pride in our extensive manufacturing capability, attention to detail and hands-on approach to quality control to ensure that we deliver products that are innovative, cost efficient and highly reliable.

Comprehensive Support & Product Improvement

IFPL delivers through-life customer service and support for all our products, through a professional team dedicated to ensuring the highest standards.

We help customers resolve any Entry Into Service (EIS) issues and work with them should they require any improvements. In addition, IFPL works with customers to deliver product upgrades to meet new standards or new requirements. Finally, as products reach end of life, IFPL assist customers by highlighting obsolescence issues so they can be managed effectively and where appropriate, transitioned to new products.


We are committed to being the most innovative and reliable IFEC products and solutions provider in the industry. This gives our customers confidence in our ability to consistently deliver certified parts and provide through-life support to meet any IFEC requirement.