NFC Payment Terminal

Payment and personalisation in one

Customer Satisfaction

  • Simple and easy to use - just tap
  • A personalised service for each passenger
  • Enables recommendations based on individual passenger profile
  • Supports NFC standard across PED and wearable devices

Airline Proposition

  • Enables personalisation to enhance each passenger’s individual experience
  • Allows cabin crew to focus on customer service
  • Allows passenger to shop and pay at a time convenient to them
  • Maximises on-board revenue
  • High reliability with easy on-wing replacement

IFPL designed the Near Field Communication (NFC) Payment Terminal to address the complex and highly regulated problem of providing onboard off-line unattended payments at the passenger’s seat. In addition, the unit delivers the opportunity for airlines to significantly enhance passenger personalisation, customer service and loyalty resulting in increased revenues for airlines.

As liability for fraudulent transactions using magnetic strip cards moves away from the issuer of the card [financial institution] and onto the merchant of record [airline] for card present transactions, NFC is now the standard that financial institutions support for accepting liability for low value payments. In addition, NFC is the recognised standard for close proximity communication for Personal Electronic Devices (PED) and NFC enabled loyalty cards.

NFC is a technology that can be used to enhance on-board revenue and personalise the passenger experience, as the airline will be able to determine exactly who is sitting in the seat. Once this is achieved the IFEC (In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity) system could direct content, service and promotions to meet the individual customer profile; providing passengers with a personalised onboard retail experience delivering higher sales conversion and IFEC services based on known personal preferences.

Delivering a robust and reliable Line Replacement Unit (LRU) is critical to ensure ongoing high levels of customer satisfaction. To this end, the unit is designed with no mechanical moving parts and uses materials proven in service to provide durable and cost effective lifetime use. In the unlikely event of the unit requiring replacement, the unit has been designed for simple, rapid on-wing swap-out.

Patents pending: AE226/2016, AU2014313944, CN105531739, EP3039640, GB2517912, IN201647010287, US20160224960