Passenger Control Unit 1278

Simple, customisable two-button control

Customer Satisfaction

  • Elegant and simple two-button control
  • Tactile button feedback
  • Adjustable illumination intensity
  • Common design ensures passenger familiarity and intuitive use

Airline Proposition

  • Configurable buttons (programable integrated circuit) and overlay to support a broad range of functions
  • High reliability with easy on-wing replacement
  • Light intensity feedback to indicate switch command was successful

IFPL has designed the 1278 as a programmable Passenger Control Unit (PCU) to enable it to be used for a broad range of cabin requirements. The 1278 provides a common look and feel that passengers can easily identify and feel confident interacting with.

The two-button programmable switch can support a myriad of functions. This USB standard PCU has the ability to be configured to meet single or dual functions within each of the buttons; such as controlling both reading light and cabin attendant call function or alternatively a window blind up or down as a single function.

In addition to its programmable capability, the unit overlay can be customised for both functional graphic and colour to reflect use, airlines brand and enhance cabin aesthetics. The PCU provides a tactile two-button interface for the passenger with backlight intensity feedback and can also be reset remotely by the cabin crew.

The unit has been designed to provide durable and cost effective lifetime use. In the unlikely event of the unit failing, the PCU has been designed for easy on-wing replacement.