Reversible USB-A 2.0 1337

Which way up? Your choice

Customer Satisfaction

  • High speed data and power in one robust USB socket
  • High power to support charging of tablets and smart-phones (1.9A, 5VDC)
  • Soft light guide for easy location and insertion
  • Reversible USB for easy bi-directional insertion

Airline Proposition

  • Over 10 times industry standard reliability
  • Tested to over 60,000 insertions/extractions
  • Bi-directional insertion, designed to minimise CID
  • Easy on-wing replacement
  • Customisable soft light guide and decal print to support airline branding and cabin aesthetics

IFPL has designed the 1337 with customer experience and reliability at the heart of the design of the unit. The 1337 leverages our successful 1281 USB Jack and provides a single unit integrating both power and data; ensuring the passenger can charge their Portable Electronic Device (PED) while interfacing with an In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) system.

A key differentiator of the 1337 is bi-directional insertion, which means that whichever way round the passenger tries to insert their USB connector they will always get it right. This feature significantly helps to minimise Customer Induced Damage (CID), which can be costly for any airline.

The 1337 delivers USB-A compatible power at 1.9A (max) and 5V DC, enabling charging of PEDs including, but not limited to, Apple (all three tiers), all Android and Windows devices, in addition to supporting BC 1.2 and Chinese Telecommunications Industry Standard YD/T 1591-2009.

The soft light guide delivers an even spread of light with a low energy input, ensuring that passengers can easily identify, locate and insert their USB plug. Both the soft light guide colour and decal print are customisable, allowing airlines to reflect their brand and enhance the overall aesthetic of the cabin.

Delivering a robust and reliable USB jack is essential to ensure ongoing high levels of customer satisfaction. To this end, the 1337 has been tested to 60,000 insertions/extractions, more than 10 times the industry standard, delivering yet another cost benefit compared to a traditional unit. The 1337 has been designed with system flexibility in mind and can accept 9-32V (40 Max) DC input, therefore allowing a broad range of installation options. In addition, all materials used in the construction of the 1337 have been proven in service to provide durable and cost effective lifetime use. In the unlikely event of the unit requiring replacement, the 1337 has been designed for simple rapid on-wing swap-out.