Self Testing 1241

Solve the problem of identifying broken headphone sockets

Customer Satisfaction

  • Passengers can use their own or airline supplied headset
  • Incredibly reliable; using IFPL's Long Life audio jack
  • Tested to over 100,000 insertions
  • High availability as engineers can rapidly identify and replace broken jacks

Airline Proposition

  • Quick and easy audio system check
  • Rapid identification of faulty units
  • Reduced on-wing maintenence time and costs
  • Improved system availability
  • Simple retrofit solution
  • Includes IFPL's 'Push Through Pin' technology

IFPL’s Long Life technology is incorporated into the Self Testing Audio Jack delivering a reliable, robust with high quality audio jack that minimises Customer Induced Damage (CID). All airlines require passengers to access audio on their In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) system, so broken audio jacks have to be identified and fixed rapidly. With short turn around times, aircraft maintenance personnel have to work quickly and efficiently. IFPL’s Self Testing Jack supports the rapid identification of broken jacks.

To test, the IFE system is put into maintenance mode which sends a high frequency tone through the system illuminating the working jacks. The maintenance crew simply walk through the cabin allowing rapid identification of problematic jacks. This ensures passenger experience is maintained to a high standard and engineering time is optimised and costs minimised. One innovative design aspect of this jack is that the LED is powered by the audio signal, making it ideal for retrofit as no additional power is needed.

With the Self Testing Jack, IFPL has solved the problem of identifying broken jacks. In addition, the Self Testing Jack includes IFPL’s Long Life and ‘Push Through Pin’ technology ensuring that these jacks are robust and reliable, having been tested to over 100,000 insertions. The ‘Push Through Pin’ design allows broken pins to be pushed through and ejected should a broken pin become lodged in the socket through CID.

The Self Testing Jack is designed with materials proven in service to provide durable and cost effective lifetime use. In the unlikely event of the unit requiring replacement, the 1241 has been designed for simple, rapid on-wing replacement.

Patents granted/pending:  US9515425,  EP2754212,  GB2494449Patents granted/pending:  US9515425,  EP2754212,  GB2494449