Triple Noise Cancelling 1155

All the audio, none of the noise

Customer Satisfaction

  • Provides a more high quality and relaxing in-flight experience
  • Our INCAM technology reduces unwanted background noise
  • Compatible with airline standard and leading passenger carry on headsets
  • Passengers arrive more rested and relaxed

Airline Proposition

  • INCAM technology designed to minimise airline headset costs
  • Accepts ARINC standard D1/D2, A1/B1, A2/B2, C2 & C2 modified headsets
  • Long Life technology delivering industry leading reliability
  • 'Push Through Pin' technology minimises the impact of broken headset pins

Customer experience, cost effectiveness, reliability and maintainability have been at the forefront of the 1155’s design from the very first stages of development. The 1155 includes IFPL’s Integrated Noise Cancelling Audio Module (INCAM), Long Life and ‘push through pin’ technologies.

IFPL’s INCAM technology is specifically designed to minimise cabin background noise – ensuring passengers arrive in a more relaxed and rested state, whilst having experienced clarity of sound from their In-flight Entertainment (IFE) system.

Whilst some passengers may use their own noise-cancelling headphones, IFPL’s INCAM takes costly and complex electronics out of the headset and places them in the jack module. This reduces the need for costly noise cancelling headsets as the headsets only require additional microphones in the ear cups to pick up the ambient noise. This improved experience can be made available across the entire aircraft for all passengers to enjoy.

The 1155 accepts industry standard C2 modified and D2 (Long Life INCAMs) and C2 powered NC headsets, A2/B2 dual pin and A1/B1 single pin, stereo regular headsets.

The 1155 is robust and reliable as it includes IFPL’s Long Life and ‘push through pin’ technologies. IFPL’s Long Life technology is aimed at delivering reliability through high quality materials and design. The Long Life jacks have been tested to over 100,000 insertions. This minimises on-wing replacement costs and ensures high levels of unit availability to deliver high customer satisfaction.

IFPL’s ‘push through pin’ technology means the jack does not have to be replaced if a pin gets broken off in the jack. The design ensures that when a headset pin has been snapped off it can be simply  pushed through and collected in a reservoir at the back of the jack. This reservoir has been known to hold as many as 12 broken pins. This minimises on-wing and unit replacement costs and significantly improves unit availability.