USB-A & C Combination 2030

AC power and reversible USB connectivity in one unit

Customer Satisfaction

  • USB-A & C to support passenger PEDs
  • High power to support charging of tablets and smart-phones
  • Reversible USB for easy bi-directional insertion for USB-A & C
  • Design to support aesthetic and ergonomic seat integration

Airline Proposition

  • USB connectors both tested to over 10,000 insertions/extractions
  • Bi-directional insertion designed to minimise CID
  • Easy on-wing replacement
  • Rear mount version available to improve seat integration

As USB Type C becomes the new standard connector for consumer electronics passengers will demand USB-C capability to charge their PEDs. However, passengers will continue to come on board with legacy USB-A products for a number of years. IFPL has designed the 2030 USB outlet to provide airlines a simple and relatively low cost upgrade path to address this transition period. The 2030 is a double USB outlet which incorporates one USB-A connector and one USB-C connector in the same unit. Dependant on the available power supply, this unit is cable of supporting 10 watts through the USB-A connector and 15 watts through the USB-C connector. There is also a data variant option that supports data rates to USB 2.0.

A key differentiator of the 2030 USB-A is bi-directional insertion, which means that whichever way round the passenger tries to insert their USB connector they will always get it right. This feature significantly helps to minimise Customer Induced Damage (CID), which can be costly for any airline and has been tested to up to 60,000 insertions/extractions, ten times the reliability of a typical aviation USB-A unit.

IFPL has designed a USB Type C outlet that has been tested to over 10,000 insertions /extractions to support power up to 3A, 5V DC. IFPL uses USB 3.0 power specification (5V 3A) which is backward compatible to default USB power specification (5V 500mA) when utilising Type A connectors allowing IFPL to leverage the airlines existing systems and just update the outlets to support USB-C.

IFPL’s 2030 USB outlets is premised on an upstream host and power supply and includes an USB 3.1 to USB 2.0 data converter enabling both data and power functionality.

This USB outlet is available in front or rear mount variants to ensure easy seat integration. The front mount provides a traditional mounting option, whilst the rear provides the ability to more seamlessly integrate this unit into the seat. The front mount version has a colour customisable bezel to match the required aesthetic of the seat or cabin environment.