USB-A 2.0 1281

Delivering power and data to the passenger

Customer Satisfaction

  • Easy charging for passenger devices
  • Supports charging for smart phones and tablets including Apple (all three tiers) plus Android and Windows devices
  • Light guide for easy location and insertion
  • USB data for passenger interface

Airline Proposition

  • MTBF calculated in excess of 90,000 hours
  • Easy on-wing replacement
  • Flexibility from 12V to 32V (40 max) input
  • Customisable light guide to support airline branding and cabin aesthetics
  • Optional decal print that can be tailored to airline requirements

IFPL has designed the 1281 with customer experience and reliability at its core. The 1281 provides power, ensuring passengers can interface with an In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) system.

Research confirms that the use of both portable and wearable devices are now and will become further widespread over the coming years. Airline passengers are already demanding the ability to charge portable and wearable devices on-board aircraft. The 1281 USB was developed to meet this demand.

The 1281 delivers power via a Type A connector at 1.97A (max) and 5V DC, enabling the charging of PEDs including, but not limited to, Apple (all three tiers), compatible Android and Windows devices, in addition to supporting BC 1.2 and Chinese Telecommunications Industry Standard YD/T 1591-2009.

The soft light guide delivers an even spread of light with a low energy input, ensuring that passengers can easily identify, locate and insert their USB plug. The soft light guide colour is also customisable, as is an optional decal print; allowing airlines to reflect their brand and enhance the overall aesthetic of the cabin. A non-light guide version is also available.

With a Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) calculated in excess of 65,000 flight hours, the 1281 is a reliable Charging Downstream Port (CDP-100 varient). The 1281 has been designed with system flexibility in mind and can accept 12V-32V (40V max) DC input allowing a broad range of installation options. Most importantly for airlines, the 1281 provides durable and cost effective lifetime use. In the unlikely event of the unit requiring replacement, the 1281 has been designed for simple, rapid on-wing replacement and is cost neutral compared to traditional technologies.